Hi everyone! I’m a new author who is currently working on a science-fiction novella, The Demon Rolmar. The book will be released in 2-4 months. I’m very excited about the project and hope that readers everywhere will enjoy this book.

Book Description

Rolmar – a heartless and misanthropic demon – serves as one of the three overlords of Pentar, a planet in the Amenis dimension. You wouldn’t want to meet Rolmar, but it looks like you won’t have much of a choice because Rolmar’s brethren have just given him the illustrious task of destroying the Earth. The demon travels to Earth in hopes of destroying the planet without delay. A growing curiosity about humans, however, deters him from carrying out his original plan. Rolmar remains intent on annihilating Earth, yet he extends his stay in order to discover what makes humanity unique.
Adam—a quirky college student—crosses paths with the demon one fateful night that changes Adam’s life forever. Now Adam is haunted by nightmares of the encounter and cannot return to a normal life. Will Adam and his friends be able to convince Rolmar that the Earth is worth saving? And will Rolmar, after having experienced the human condition, be prepared to determine the fate of humanity?

For more information please visit my facebook page:

A. V. Griffin


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