Need Inspiration for Your Next Writing Project?

Light Bulb

Every now and then writers need inspiration. Try these steps if you are in need of ideas.

1. Try going to different websites that offer story ideas or writing prompts. Here are some examples: and has a wonderful assortment of story prompts and other writing exercises. is an interesting site that will actually generate story ideas on command. You can choose to generate one, five or ten different story ideas and then print them out.
2. Try writing from stream of consciousness. This involves writing the first thing that comes to mind and doing so until your ready to stop.
3. Go on Pinterest. This social media tool is filled with inspirational visual material.
4. Take a walk outside. Many writers find inspiration from nature.
5. Have fun with your writing.


Update on The Demon Rolmar 4 and Guest Blog Post


My story is coming along quite nicely. Right now I need to submit my manuscript to my publisher so that they can create a proof for me. After I review the proof I’ll need to approve it. Then the book should be ready for distribution. I’m very excited about this.

I’ve done a guest blog post for the website Manic Readers. The article is about overcoming writer’s block. If anyone is interested in reading it they can click on the following link: Happy blogging everyone!