Feature & Follow: 3


Feature and Follow is a blog hop hosted by Rachel from Parajunkie and Alison from AlisonCanRead. I’m new to this and I’m starting to get the hang of it. This is my third time attempting the Feature and Follow blog hop. If you decide to follow my blog, I would prefer that you follow it by email.

Here is the prompt: What is your criteria for a misbehaving author/reviewer?

My Response:

I think that authors should treat their reviewers in a professional and respectful manner. Authors who personally attack a reviewer who gave their book a low rating are definitely misbehaving. Also, a reviewer who personally attacks an author instead of simply reviewing the author’s book is also misbehaving. In addition, an author or reviewer who makes racist or sexist comments in public is someone who’s work I will certainly try to avoid.



  1. Racist and sexist comments are completely unacceptable for both authors and reviewers. Authors need to show some restraint and accept that not everyone will enjoy their book and reviewers need to limit their responses to the book and not attack the author.
    New follower :0)

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